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. This made Velenya’s heart full of unhappiness.

She is just a beautiful flower, and she doesn’t bother to take care of how many wild bees and butterflies flutter on her.

It was the first time that she met someone like Joe. She actually ignored her and couldn’t wait to retreat… This made her full of frustration, and at the same time she was secretly ruthless, wishing to have a few pieces of white flesh on Joe!

An old grandmother’s bartender yawned, rubbing her sore and swollen eyes vigorously, and humming weakly at Joe: “Joe, you’re here too early, ah, the restaurant in Chishi Street, which one is not? It opens in the afternoon?”西安夜生活网 With

a sigh, the bartender put down his hands and looked at Joe feebly: “The master chefs in the back kitchen have all gone home. They have not yet come here. There are only a few handy workers. What they do, you are sure Don’t eat… Only the wine pipe is enough… Uh…”

Joe patted his stomach and 西安耍耍网 looked at the empty tavern: “Then, come to the Lie Bar. I’m not here to eat, just find a place to chat. …I’m in Hyderabad, but I don’t have any familiarity, so I’m here.” The

bartender shrugged, yawned, and swayed towards the wine cellar behind.

Big Ivan blinked his big eyes, and looked around in the tavern without notice. After a while, he found a clean goat in a small warehouse. He greeted with excitement. Several big Lucia guys who followed him laughed strangely. A group of people rushed into the back kitchen, and soon there was a sound of pots and pans.

The bartender walked over with a 西安桑拿网barrel of gold-labeled rum and patted the barrel heavily on the table in front of Joe. He pointed his finger in the direction of the back kitchen, and squeezed his eyes at Joe: “Joe, you know the temper of the old grandmother, what has been broken, the’original price’ 西安夜网论坛 compensation!”

Joe raised his brows and grabbed the barrel. The little faucet of’chichichi’ got it into the wine barrel.

Grabbing a few wine glasses and placing them under the faucet, Joe put the wine in