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There was once such a small incident when the maid lady mentioned the war a hundred years ago, and because of curiosity, he asked about the list of survivors of the war.

Probably it was revealed inadvertently at that moment.

This kind of unconscious thinking diverges and affects things in this world, in 新西安夜网 fact, the most obvious one has happened, it was in South America.

At that time, because I was curious about what it would be like, I let myself move for a short period of time, so the world was distorted, and then zombies began to appear.

Not feeling fear for this is like a natural process of understanding. Under calm thinking, there is not even the slightest wave in his heart, even if he has begun to realize that the unconscious thinking can be distorted after the distorted world brings a series of unnormal deductions. The series of changes will probably increase Alaya’s workload invisibly

. Has the previous term also experienced this stage?

This is the last question Luo Qiu pondered after realizing the nature of his encounter with Aiji Balgang.

This question, the maid lady probably cannot answer, she probably hasn’t noticed the degree of change.

In other words, even though it has been distorted, the distortion is still reasonable in the cognition of most creatures.

“Bellegan Swift t. Torrido.” The maid nodded, “In the war that year, a total of seven clans of the thirteen clans participated in the war. Among the seven clans that participated 西安夜生活第一论坛网 in the war, all were excluded. The best descendants in the clan. Among the last seven clans, only Balegan and the outstanding descendants of another clan survived. If I remember correctly, one of the original trophies was obtained by Balegan. “I

put the last piece of the donut into my mouth, chewing on the greasy edges of my lips, and quickly asked the maid to gently wipe it with a handkerchief.

Boss Luo grabbed the hand of the maid and sucked the sweetness from her fingertips with his mouth. He smiled and said: “One is an untalent