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is head and said: “The air is not good, and if you leave here, Brother Tom will refuse to breathe and will die.”

“Old guy, you can give me enough.” Vasco almost gritted his teeth while talking, The majestic sacred power should flow on top of his muscles like steel.


Vasco pushed the door angrily.

Vasco directly stood up and said, 西安夜网论坛 “I will come again, I will live here these few days. Stella, I still said that. It is a troubled time now. The Holy Church needs you, and God’s mighty Hell needs you even more. ”

But I don’t need you.”

His wife has been in a coma at this time, and the missing son joe has not yet fallen. These terrible things have long made this man who should have been the most energetic time full of exhaustion.

Father Stella shook his head, and then 西安桑拿网 began to tidy up the table, but at this time Brother Tom ran all the way out, jumped to the edge of the window, and kept screaming.

Father Stella didn’t look back, but said indifferently, “You are hungry too. Come and clean up and get ready to eat. I know you haven’t had enough to eat these days, so I did more today. But the one just now The guy who was going to stay 西安夜生活网 for dinner is gone, so you can eat more.”

Outside the window, Mai Rada stood up with a cold face. He didn’t go through the door, but turned over directly from the window, but his eyes were fixed on Father Stella.

The priest smiled slightly, and brought out a lot of food from the kitchen, as if nothing had happened, he carried Brother Tom to the table, fed and drank some milk.

“You just now” Mai Lada could not help the curiosity in his 西安夜生活论坛 heart after all, and spoke tentatively.

“Pulin sent you to me. I didn’t ask anything, nor plan to ask.” Father Stella smiled.

Mai Lada snorted, lowered his head and ate wildly.

“Happy dining.” Stella smiled slightly, and then drew a cross on his chest, “Amen.”

After sending some condolences to Mai Rada, Teacher Pulin soon came to the town hospital. .

He will come here once a day now, and every time he comes, he