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tly behind him, and his body suddenly floated. The next moment, Quinn Angel went to the sky as it should be.

At this time, the Quinn angel only felt a 西安耍耍网 huge force pulling his leg suddenly, and slammed it back to the ground! It looked at his leg in shock, and found that it was on the leg. At that time, it was actually wrapped in several shadows that were like ropes, and at this time it was actually rolled toward its upper body!

In shock, the Quinn angel directly exploded with holy power.

Unexpectedly, the Holy Power had just exploded, and it was like a frustrated 西安夜生活第一论坛网 balloon, frantically sucked by these shadows!

“Master Hamalel, save me!” The

Quinn angel rushed out of the carrier of his arrival in an instant, containing it. The sphere of light of the origin suddenly rushed out of the chest of the carrier, and shot towards the angel of Hamalel!

But this tract origin but the next instant, directly swallowed away a shadow emerging from the ground!

Big Hama column Angels Surprised, at this time, I can’t take care of the things in the church courtyard because its legs have been silently entangled by a few shadows at this moment! The

power is lost frantically,

“How come two angels are here? Didn’t it mean that there should be three more descending angels.”

A man in a black dress and top hat, holding a black cat in his arms at this moment, slowly 西安桑拿网 came over the angels who had devoured Quinn, and entangled them at the same time. The shadow of the angel of Hamalel suddenly spread out from the shadow of the man in the dress.

“You are the one who killed Phils and injured Jennifer badly?!” The angel of Hamalel was frightened, angry and terrified at the moment!

“Jennifer?” The man in the dress paused, “It’s the name of the angel who went back to report the letter, right? But what her name is, it has nothing to do with me. It’s you, the power is much stronger than them. It’s a pity that it’s not enough to include you.”

“The law is the power of the law again!” The angel Hamalel felt the s