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rwater city welcomes foreign guests, and it is naturally nonsense.

But in the end it turned into this kind of overly polite conversation, which really made the girl feel a little confused, and secretly thought of when she became so easy to talk.

“Then, enjoy the rest of the game.” The girl Liu Ge leaned slightly, planning to leave like this. 西安夜生活论坛

At this time, Boss Luo suddenly asked: “Do you know what that black ball in the sky is.” The

girl paused and then said: “You guys, I plan to tell you your origins and intentions now. Me?”

“Holiday, traveling.” Boss Luo said seriously, “It’s true.”

Ha ha.

Without looking back, the girl jumped off the lifting platform and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Boss Luo shook his head and looked at his maid lady and said, “Why don’t we want to believe what other people say.” The

maid smiled and said, “Because there is deception in the world and it is them. Master, are you really planning to do something? . ” ”

anyway, I’m going or not going to matter, what always happened. “Los random boss laughed:” is not it, as long as we ”

he looked up at the touch of a speeding white, whispered:” quietly watching, free Just wait for it.”

Then, occasionally, he stretched out his hand to shake the water in the river at that time, making a circle of ripples.

Miss Maid suddenly thought of it.

“Hey! He has caught up! He has caught up with our Emperor! This boy! No matter what the final result is, this is the highlight of the boy! He can blow for a lifetime!” The

host’s voice is always Sounded hard.

####### ###



1682. Chapter 31 My Name, White God

Magic Research Institute, First Hospital, Underground Secret Research Room.

At this time, at the moment when the rapid alarm sounded, the defense mechanism was activated, and the only entrance was closed. Not only that, but a heavy metal gate fell directly on the surrounding walls, completely sealing off the entire research room. Become a secret room.

At this time, the researchers joined together quick