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probably the most terrifying person I have ever met in my life.”

“That’s right.” Boss Luo nodded. nod.

Master Karen was startled, and said in amazement: “What’s right?”

Luo Qiu didn’t say a word, raised his head, “Mr. Kukai is back.”

Sure enough, above, Kukai was swinging 西安耍耍网 his legs, quickly sinking down quickly. He returned to Master Karen’s side.

The master ignored the so-called small talk with Boss Luo, and quickly asked: “How about? Can this metal box open the door?”

Kukai threw the metal box back to Master Karen’s door, shook his head and said, “The size is complete. It agrees, but there is no response when it is put in.”

“Completely agree, but there is no response?” Master Karen opened his mouth in surprise.

Kukai thought for a while and said: “There are two grooves in total, maybe only after the two grooves are put in, there will be a response. Or, this box is not a key to open, it should be fake. The situation.”

“It won’t be fake.” Master Karen shook his head. He saw this thing by the prince of the Sea-Monster clan handing over to Kaia, and then he 新西安夜网 desperately took it from Kaia. He held them all along the way.

“That might need two.” Kong Hai said calmly.

“Why aren’t you excited at all?” Master Karen couldn’t help frowning: “It’s about your life experience?”

“Even if I am excited, I can’t change the fact that you only have a box.” Kukai is still that calm and dead man. Face, “You can’t change the second one. Excitement will only affect the judgment, it’s useless.”

Master Karen shook his head. He couldn’t get into an endless argument with Kukai. He has never won Kukai once in a debate. .

“Forget it, since I can’t beat this door for the time being, it’s useless to stay here.” Master Karen said directly at this time: “At least we have clues about your life experience now, and we can think of ways later. Now, Start yours. Let’s break through the blockade of the Third Legion and sneak into the Sea-Monster Clan’s territory. We will avoid it for a while.”

“Underwater City i