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the container trucks, and waited until the container trucks were full and sealed. , And quietly left along another tunnel.

“This used to be the Soviet naval logistics base” Bo Luoshen grams slightly proudly explains, “think how about here? At 西安夜生活网 least better than your tall radar station to be bad, right?”

“Far more than not bad, it really is the Navy Golden swallowing behemoth.” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix admired, this area is much larger than the radar station. And the specifications are much higher than the missile silos ever seen.

He seemed to be very satisfied with Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s compliment, and the smile on Boroshenko’s face grew 西安夜生活第一论坛网 brighter. After getting off the car with Nanjing Longfeng and Da Yiwan, he directly entered a huge underground concrete warehouse.

“There are a total of 9 AK630s, but there are only 4 radars that can be used. If you can buy all of them, you can give you two extra T84 tanks of the latest model.”

Poroshenko said, kicking off an iron sheet. The box, “As for the matching shells, they are all new products within five years, and the price is cheap enough, even if it is traded by weight, it is no problem.” The

tank was given away, and the shells said by the catty. The brothers look weird, is this really selling scrap iron?

“Wait for the next price and let you talk to Ivan.” Nanjing Dragon thought a moment, pointed to his head and said, “I want to make a call and ask how much you want to Haugh, additional 新西安夜网 payment required under OK.”

“Look at on Andre’s face, you can wait for shipment to leave the Black Sea and then pay. “Bo Luoshen grams Cuocuo Shou,” the dollar, yuan, gold, diamonds and even the mineral can be used to pay. ” ”

Cacalia will not ride Will cause trouble?”

Big Ivan asked the second key question. All the transport vehicles wanted to leave the Black Sea, and it was bound to be slaughtered by rabbits riding in the Black Sea Strait.

Broschenk waved his hand indifferently, “If you are worried, I can ship the things to the Mediterranean a