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y and exchange it with me.” A smoking woman said unhurriedly.

Nanjing Longfeng frowned upon hearing this. The phone number was Xianyu’s number, but from the “key” mentioned by the other party, Nanjing Longfeng also instantly guessed the identity of the other party.

“I want to confirm that the person is still alive” Nanjing Longfeng motioned to Elena to turn off the sound of the TV and at the same time turned on the speakerphone.

“No problem, we don’t want to be your enemy.” The other party hung up before the voice was over, and then sent a video via Xianyu’s WeChat account.

In this video of less than ten seconds, the salted fish with tape on his mouth is leaning on both sides of an iron frame bed. A tablet computer is placed on the bedside cabinet and the Spring Festival Gala is playing in real time. And beside this bed, there are Leonid sitting in a wheelchair and Vika, one handcuffed to the bed frame and the other handcuffed to the wheelchair.

The camera continued to turn, and everyone even saw the two sisters of Elena, Siqin and Professor Galkin who had already returned home from the winter vacation!

Seeing these people’s situation is 西安桑拿网 not bad, Nanjing Longfeng feels relieved, and then dials the phone back, “How can I give you the key?”

“Come on the ice of Lake Baikal, you come alone, remember to turn on the car lights.” After the other party finished speaking, before Nanjing Longfeng said something, he hung up again.

“You can’t go!” Elena was the first to stop.

“Go and get me the body armor and gun!” Nanjing Longfeng patted Elena’s head and said with a smile.

Elena opened her mouth and got up with red eyes and ran to the stairwell quickly.

Before the big Ivan and others could speak, Nanjing Longfeng drew out the bullet on the top of the gun on his waist, “Ivan, you take someone to guard the radar station, and also inform Ludenkov to come and help.”

“You are sure of yourself . ?” Nasha asked, frowning.

“There 西安夜生活第一论坛网 is no certainty must go” Nanjing Dragon guns back into the holste