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lengthy like I am now. I think I should be too late. The bone sickle has reached the top of my head, but the spell is only halfway through. With the advanced “self-healing” talent, there is no way to revive the decapitated person! I think.

“Crack!” The sound of bone crushing sounded against my eardrum, it turned out to be so crisp.

The black rod image is a curtain of rods, which actually hits the death scythe skull directly. The broken skull is under the shadow of the rod, like a blooming white lily in the air, and the blue soul fire in the eye socket 西安夜生活网 is covered by the iron rod. Smashed, in the splash of bone fragments, it turned into a trace of blue stamen, and dissipated in the air.

The hard shell of an egg-sized gray magic core also shattered into two under the iron rod. A milky white magic crystal the size of a walnut flew more than ten meters away, emitting a white streamer in the dark, like a fluorescent stone, falling into the grass of the camp.

Kurz’s hand was after this moment. It was just enough to push it on my body, and I couldn’t stop it, and pushed my small body out, and in the midair that fell to the left, my twisting magic spell was said to be complete. At this moment, I turned into a blue smoke and disappeared into the night.

The “magic cloak” didn’t even work.

Looking at the white broken bones scattered on the grass behind the dirt wall, 新西安夜网 the white skull had been knocked into countless fragments by the iron rod of the maid Asakusa, and even the soul fire was broken. It is hard to imagine that the stick full of bursting aura was displayed from the silent Asakusa.

The maid Asakusa had already put the black iron rod back in her hand, and her flushing complexion was still hard to calm down for a while. She sat back to her original position casually. Seeing Kurz’s dull eyes looking at her, she bowed her head and pulled the iron rod. Set aside, bright eyes glanced at Kuz. It’s like saying: Shouldn’t you praise me at this time?

I emerged from the shadow of darkness. I was ab