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y survive wherever it goes.

Sister 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Guo Guo even said that they are more like a group of mentally handicapped Tu Yuan. I think this joke is a bit cold. The

entire windmill hills are full of swamp zombies. When Chief Maxine died, the swamp zombies lurking on the edge of the windmill hills kept marching towards the windmill hills, thousands Tens of thousands of swamp zombies appeared scattered in the wilderness of the windmill hills.

This is the first test for our team. I didn’t expect 西安耍耍网 it to come so fast. If we can’t defeat these swamp zombies, then it is better to go back home as soon as possible and hide in Gluding Town. There are far more swamp zombies drowning than this. Perhaps these swamp zombies in the wilderness are part of the drowning.

We must open a way in the windmill hills so that our entire team can pass safely. The first fifty female 新西安夜网 beast warriors who followed us out to clean up the zombies, there is no other reason, just because they hold the devil antelope horn short javelin, this indestructible javelin is the nemesis of the swamp zombies, and we need it once A beautiful victory is not only for us, but also for the entire Raitu tribe and the Orcs who later joined our team to add some confidence in winning. We need victory to maintain our optimistic attitude.

The entire Raitu tribe needs 西安桑拿网 someone to guard. Gril is responsible for leading the remaining orc warriors to protect the elderly and children of the tribe, while the maid Asakusa is to lead the orc girls in the Raitu tribe. Accepting the beast girls and children who were driven out of Bangor Manor, at least their physical strength is a problem now, they need to replenish their physical strength and 西安夜生活论坛 drink some water. After eating a full meal, it is best to take a break, because we will have to go a long way. If Gribastian was there, these would be done well without any arrangements, but it was clear that Grille preferred to get along with the orc warriors. Unwilling to pay attention to the filthy beast girls who are like pi