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er Guoguo will take care of me, she is also a noble, and she is also a magician!” I said to him.

The two of us chatted casually like this until the smell of fishy heat almost sprayed onto my face, I found a pair of huge yellow pupils staring at me in the dark, and the sharp corners on the bridge of its nose looked like A sharp sword hung over my head, making me scream in fright. The body directly resembled a green prawn, bounced directly from the grass. Without any hesitation, he took out the wolf-toothed dagger and pointed it at the top of my head. The behemoth stabbed fiercely. The wolf-toothed dagger pierced the behemoth’s hard jaw, making a clear metal rubbing sound. Such a sharp wolf-toothed dagger had almost no effect 西安耍耍网 on the huge black skull.

“Heh! The reaction was quick!” A familiar voice rang behind the giant beast, the voice of the white wolf tribe warrior during the day. His voice was deep and loud, and only then did I find out where I was stabbing the jaw of some giant beast, which was clearly stabbed on the back of a giant knife. He pushed away the huge head of the dragon with one hand, and 新西安夜网 carried the huge blade on his shoulder with the other hand. He stood by and said to Kurz and me: “Hey! Boys, I feel you are in a little trouble, so I came here to ask, if you need me to help you solve it, even if you speak up, of course I can’t do this kind of dirty work for nothing, and I need a little reward. How about?”

“I don’t think we are in any trouble. If there is, it will be just a few flies buzzing around us. I think maybe tomorrow will be better. We will enter the territory of the hyenas, and They can only squat on the grass on the north shore and eat scones in front of the bonfire, don’t they?” I swiftly put away the dagger in my hand. Now that I know that the white wolf tribe’s werewolf warrior is not malicious, my courage has recovered. Eight points, speaking of orcs is also fluent.

92. The request 西安夜生活论坛 of the white wolf warrior.

Regarding my daring to speak to an orc warrior in su