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aking, folded his hands and bends slightly, silent. Left the 西安耍耍网 house.

“Look at the good things the Americans

are doing ” Nanjing Longfeng sighed, and looked around for a week, but found that he didn’t seem to be of much help at all. In this environment, he can’t even compare to Asak who has raised twin sons.

Standing still for a while, Nanjing Longfeng walked out of the house silently, found a corner far away from the child and took out a cigarette.

From a 西安桑拿网 human perspective, he pity these unfortunate children. But as a Huaxia, he can even be said to be a Huaxia who is so extreme that it can be classified as “angry youth”. He really doesn’t want to extend a helping hand to these poor little guys.

And he knows better that no one can help these children who have suffered misfortune from the moment they are born. The misfortune brought by Agent Orange is 西安夜生活论坛 destined to accompany them in their short life, even until the moment of death, maybe they can’t wait for the sincere apology from the other side of the ocean, the world’s most powerful country.

Complicated and contradictory emotions lingered in his mind, until a cigarette burned his fingers, he hardened his heart and muttered to comfort himself, “Whoever will be the one who will be the first one, who is the special You 西安夜生活第一论坛网 have to do the fifteenth

chapter, Chapter 559.

When the setting sun falls in this orphanage full of laughter and misfortune, Elena and Assak will each leave all the cash on them, and this will bring Leaving the orphanage with a relieved expression, they joined Nanjing Longfeng, Deng Shuxiang and the Chinese translator who had been waiting outside the door.

“Sorry” before Elena finished her words, she was taken 西安夜生活网 into her arms by Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix.

“Are we still going inside?” the Chinese translator asked in a low voice.

“Go ahead again.”

Nanjing Longfeng held Elena’s slightly cold and trembling hands, and led the two strong men behind him to continue walking up the mountain along the stone road.

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