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very It’s a matter of burning money, right?”

Mrs. Alia murmured: “It’s easy to build a small town, and how much money it costs depends entirely on the resources 西安夜网论坛 around that small town. If everything needs to be shipped from other places, The town is a bottomless pit that sucks gold, and it is estimated that it will never be able to be filled. However, if there is no shortage of quarries, logging yards, and mines around, and there are clean water sources and hunting grounds around, then the situation is completely It’s different. Most lords conduct field trips, and most of them build small towns in such places.”

She continued to invite me to drink.

Then he said to me: “But don’t think that building a small town will complete the mission. This idea is absolutely wrong. Compared to building a small town, it’s more difficult to manage a small town, especially now. At that time, no one would be willing to risk their lives to immigrate. A small town on the plane where no one lives 西安夜生活网 can only be a ghost town.”

I don’t worry much about what Mrs. Alia said, because in the original plan, the first batch of townspeople in this town were the natives of the Yero plane.

She changed her sitting position, stretched her body, and stretched out the two large, smooth legs under the petticoat. The red toenails like cardamom looked a bit playful.

I found that my eyes fell on her, which was full of seduction. It was difficult to remove, so I walked to the railing, stood behind the curtain, and looked at the dancers dancing on the platform. The dancers were still twisting endlessly. Moving my body and doing all kinds of temptation postures, a hot fire rose in my heart, and I couldn’t help taking a big sip of golden cider.

Fortunately, this private room is relatively private, and the fiery gaze 西安夜生活第一论坛网 in my eyes will not be seen by others.

“Why have you never asked me how much Mageweave Silk Cloth will bring me?” Mrs. Alia asked me.

I shook my head and glanced at Mrs. Alia.

“Aren’t you curious about the sale