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abyss mayfly and getting a dexterous body, Joe has gradually become fascinated by this lightness in the wind and the silent feeling of landing. Especially, as his body continues to absorb the remaining power of the abyssal mayfly potion, his movements become 西安夜网论坛 more dexterous and his body lighter.

This kind of happiness of growing comprehensive strength has a sense of steadiness and satisfaction, and a strong sense of security.

There was no one in the square behind the spacious castle. This was also a strict order from Ya and Sagans. Every morning, when Joe was exercising here, no one was allowed to watch.

After walking around the back square, he touched the heads of 西安夜生活第一论坛网 a few giant mastiff dogs lying on the side of the square, and Joe took out ten improved strength potions from the pockets of his training uniforms, and shook and shook them. Drink cleanly.

The huge medicinal power exploded in his abdomen, and Qiao’s white skin was immediately covered with a striking red.

Throwing the potion bottle into the bushes next to the square, Qiao took a deep breath 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and began a full set of breathing practices.

His burly, huge body was like a boneless mollusk, twisting easily and evilly, and his huge body slid across the ground and the air almost silently, bringing up waves of air visible to the naked eye.

In the unpredictable, complicated and strange breathing rhythm, Joe’s body began to get hot and hot, and the blood flow rate in his body began to 西安桑拿网 gradually change. After a night of rest, the toxins and impurities accumulated in the body were quickly discharged.

Hot sweat rushed from the top of his head, and Joe’s breath became deep and thick, as if he had gradually become a terrifying giant creature from a person.

A horrible aura belonging to the top killer gradually spread. The giant mastiff dogs lying on the square shivered all over their bodies, got up on their 西安夜生活论坛 bones, and fled out with their tails between them.

Sweat constantly oozes from Joe’s body, wet his training suit, and pours into the b