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to guests in the presidential suite?

With this bit of doubt, something that was already certain was suddenly disrupted, and Bengusv slowly exited the room. Before closing the door, he took a quiet look from the crack in the door.

I saw this Mr. Dilinsi opening a small book in his hand, and then biting a pencil, not knowing what he was thinking, occasionally tapping his head with the pencil tip, occasionally scratching his hair that was beginning to sparse. .

“Where did this gentleman go later, let me know at the first time, do you know.”

Before leaving, Mr. Gusf ordered the doormen outside.

But then Mr. Dilins didn’t leave the room until the banquet 西安夜生活论坛 started. Mr. Gusev heard the doorman say that Mr. Dilins fell asleep after he was full.

And the grunt is particularly 西安桑拿网spectacular.

In the evening, the banquet started at 7:30.

The place where the banquet is held is on the open-air lawn of the Grand Hotel Park. Not only can you enjoy the night view of the artificial lake, but you can also see the entire Alec Grand Hotel.

Under the light, the Alec 西安夜网论坛 Grand Hotel is like a symmetrical castle constructed with perfect lines, like a fairy tale.

I heard that the original Alec Grand Hotel was not like this. Later, after several reconstructions, it had its current appearance. This was all written by the mysterious hotel owner.

The theme of the banquet tonight is a masquerade.

Guests will simply bring some decorations to cover their faces. Of course, many times, simple face decorations are difficult to hide their identity, and most of them are just for the atmosphere.

Ms. Tiffany simply put on a blindfold, while Ms. Sandy put on a Venetian mask.

See, for Ms. Sandy longtime friend selected to participate in this masquerade, and does not own birthday to lie very heart of things she really prepared a lot of young and energetic young man ah! What a waste!


” Um, what happened today, I seem to have seen a lot of acquaintances.” Ms. Tiffany suddenly whispered into her friend’s ear.

“Yes?” Ms. S