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Reyaz’s hands for some time, but there was an extra dagger on her 新西安夜网 hands.

Holding Reyaz’s hands, the dagger was aimed at her heart. The Siren girl smiled at this time and said, “You know, Siren is a race that can do anything for someone we like, we never I will regret it.”

“I don’t want this!” He threw the dagger directly out in shock, “It’s

okay that you have been cheating on me!” “You…want to stand by and watch?” Helen said softly.


was at this moment, the huge tentacles above the sky finally 西安夜生活第一论坛网 broke the unimaginable huge tentacles of the underwater city, and then swept directly!

It swept away countless buildings in an instant, and finally swept directly When he reached the control room above the white tower of the underwater city, it turned into darkness in an instant.

The huge brilliance of the White Tower dissipated in an instant.

On the battlefield, the blue light on Prince Ye’s body became dim in an instant. He fell down all of a sudden, and countless faceless people swarmed up at this moment, and immediately drowned him.

“No!” The

witch of the underwater city screamed sternly at this time, and rushed up the black silk recklessly, and started to crawl out of her body at this time!

The giant who lost control suddenly stopped Longgang, who was struggling to be 西安夜生活论坛 independent, and his expression changed in despair.

He raised his head and looked weakly at the huge shadow that exhausted his own vision and couldn’t fully incorporate it into his eyes. Finally, he gritted his teeth, burned himself, and stabbed him madly!

However, a black wind blew him off instantly. Come down.

“Oh time to eat, it’s started.” At this time, he laughed arbitrarily, “It seems to be a good choice to eat all at once!”

He was falling.

How long does it take to fall down such a high distance all the way from the white tower until it reaches the ground?

Reyaz felt that his mathematics suddenly became a little insufficient. In this state, why would he care about this kind of thing?

“Mother Helen