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you nonsense!!”

pointed by Nero That golden person was the one who had uttered angrily at Nero from the very beginning, and was pointed at by Nero violently. This golden lord only felt a chill coming! 新西安夜网

Regardless of whether this matter is true or false, even the eyes of a discerning person You can see that it is framed, but after today, his reputation may be tainted!

“Bendoff?” Several golds were all at once. Looking at this gold.

“Don’t listen to her nonsense, how can I betray the goddess, she must be a spy sent by the Hades!” The framed gold Bentov seemed to breathe fire at the moment.

“Catch it!” The silent Virgin Palace Golden Musa suddenly said in a deep voice: “Sky Crane Saori!”

Nero did not resist at all. He threw down the dagger, and dropped his hands. Capture the person in an instant.

“What I said is true.” At this time, Nero’s eyes were red, and he said miserably: “A little person like me, through hardships, finally achieved his dream, becoming a glorious silver, but before my eyes, that The golden lord who deserves my respect, told me that if I don’t do this, my dream will be shattered. He is the golden lord! If he says my spy in the underworld, can anyone believe me? I will not only Lost the opportunity to become silver, and even become a sinner in the sanctuary, will not be able to wash away my stains in my life.”

“My every move is under the supervision of this adult I can only give in, but I am not willing! Wait, I have been waiting, waiting for an opportunity! I want to expose the ugliness of this golden man in front of everyone, and I want to tell everyone who is the one who has thrown into the underworld and who is the fallen of the sanctuary! Even if it is dead, I will not hesitate!”


Some people looked at the gaze of the Golden Lord Bendoff, and it seemed that although they had not yet believed in the new silver, they at least allowed doubts to grow. 西安夜生活网

“Don’t listen to her nonsense! This is framed! Framed! This is a conspiracy!!”

“I” Nero stared at Bend