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met, and nothing came after him. .

“Ka Longqing, please report your current situation! I’m repeating it again, please report your mother’s situation right away!”

“The group is gone.” Ka Longqing finally gritted his teeth with a bitter voice, “We found Lamia Silk, but at the same time encountered a terrible woman, she shot it, and it will all be wiped out!”

Maybe when he activated the 西安耍耍网 armor thruster, half of the soldiers remained, but at this time Kalongqing No one can be contacted with the warrior, including his confidant, the commander of the warrior, Carbin.

In just a few minutes, it had been annihilated, which made Kalongqing almost unable to accept the fact that if it weren’t for the armor, he could only be automatically controlled, and he would almost faint and fall to the ground.

“What did you say?!” On the communicator, it was Captain Justin’s shocked voice.

“This picture is just a picture, I now transferred back.”

Caron Qing voice hoarse, immediately suddenly took a deep breath, “I will not come back alone from now on, I will open instantly synchronize the picture of the battle!”

Turned , Once again facing the direction of the location of the scary woman in that scary 新西安夜网 place, Ka Longqing had a touch of determination in his eyes at this time.

Now, he flees like this. It is conceivable that he will not be far away as a deserter and a coward. He has to face the terrifying woman again, even if she died in

battle ! The thruster is activated again, and huge energy is about to be injected. But at this moment, Kalongqing in the battle armor suddenly lost consciousness.

Without his instructions, the battle armor stayed strangely in the night sky, motionless the smart program inside the battle armor, and at this time was checking the condition of the controller.

The conclusion is that the life response of the user of the battle armor, Kalongqing, has disappeared, and this set of data was also transmitted back to the huge submarine control room in the distant ocean for the first ti