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if the four sisters want to be together at all times as before, it really depends on chance.

Saying goodbye to Valeria, the two of them took the train straight to Smolensk that evening, and it was already the next morning when 西安耍耍网 they arrived.

Walking on the streets of Smolensk, looking at the surrounding shops, either familiar or unfamiliar. Nanjing Longfeng was a little sorrowful for a while, three or four years had passed, and he was no longer the novice digging party struggling in the attic of the Wula antique shop.

Don’t think he has been to Smolensk for so long, but according to Vika’s statement at the 西安桑拿网auction, if there is any earth-moving party in Smolensk who doesn’t know about the Dragon and Bear Adventure Club, then he is an amateur. Fans are not counted.

But for Nanjing Longfeng himself, he even missed the leisurely days when he drove a tattered four-wheel drive van to dig corpses in the countryside.

The wind chimes made of bullet shells of various calibers were swayed by the opened store door, making a pleasant sound of “西安夜生活论坛 crashing”. Vika, who was originally lying behind the bar while playing games with a cigarette in his mouth, did not look up at all. Outdoor products are on the left hand side, military souvenirs are on the right hand side. The collections in the glass showcase in the middle are not for sale. In addition, this shop does not sell anything with the crisp logo.”

“Does vodka sell?” 西安夜网论坛 Nanjing Longfeng asked with a smile. .

“Every guest who walks into the Wula antique shop can drink for free.” Vika, who was playing the game, reacted and threw his phone aside, and asked in surprise, “Hey! Why are you here!”

“Come and see , Where’s Leonid?” Elena looked around, but didn’t find Leonid.

“Did you forget? The bastard Big Ivan opened a branch in Moscow last year.”

Vika complained pretending to be pathetic. “Since then Leonid has been transferred to Moscow. It happened that his granddaughter was studying in Moscow. Now that old man probably has forgotten that there is