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ng sighed and repeated what the monk had just told in Russian, and finally said in a low voice, “She won’t live long.”

Elena’s breathing became heavy, and one hand already subconsciously held it. Don’t wear the gun in the back waist, but besides the tears that are about to fall, her face also carries the maternal tenderness that can only be found in the White Goose Orphanage.

Gently embracing Elena’s thin waist, and by the way, she used her arm to press her right hand holding the gun, Nanjing 西安夜生活论坛 Longfeng whispered, “Let her live the last period of time by herself, her mission, maybe It is to let more people see how serious the negative impact of the Agent Orange left by the US military is.”

Elena exhaled heavily, half-kneeling next to this girl who might not be independent at all. Bending gently left a tearful kiss on her forehead. When she stood up again, the eldest sister who pretended to be strong again appeared on Elena.

Following the young monk, everyone walked through the courtyard into the big house. Apart from the flowers on the windowsill, there is no extra furnishings here. Most of the space is filled with iron canopy beds next to each other.

These beds are almost full of children, large and small, and their situation is even more miserable than those who can go outside to bask in the sun. The big head of basketball is not an exception but it is definitely not the worst.

In addition to these children who have been unable to get up, Nanjing Longfeng and others also saw two children whose hands and feet were tied with gauze. Since they hadn’t even entered the door, they had been screaming and screaming, frantically twisting their imprisoned bodies, trying to use the soft mattress 西安耍耍网 under them to rub off the horny skin that was covered with scales!

Looking at the blood stains on the sheets from a distance, and one of the children’s rugby-shaped heads, the translator involuntarily took a step backwards, but almost knocked down an old white man who was over half a hundred years old.