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Yaguimon, her hair flying while twisting the spell, 西安夜网论坛 and a ball of white magical energy slowly grew out of her palm.

104. Hang on the tip of a high gun

The remaining ice scattered around slowly melted on the grass full of stagnant water. The back-to-back ice sculptures were torn apart by Qige’s magic bomb. This time we didn’t even have a chance. The ice sculptures shattered directly. The flesh and blood are separated. Kurz and I stared at the bloody scene in a dumbfounded manner.

Standing on the back of Yaguimon, Qige also raised his hands suspiciously. At this time, he didn’t understand why his magic bullet was so powerful. Cruz squatting in front of a fish out of ice debris from a leather armor bloody years, turned around and raised his guess I just said:. “Kerry, who wore ordinary crusty light armor, no magic resistance”

original The liger warrior 西安耍耍网 Beverlong wears a demon antelope leather armor. This light armor made of the lowest level of beast skin has magic resistance, and Beverlong itself is also an eighth-level warrior, although it is half the size of Viru and Breguet. The strong who stepped into the ranks of the first-round fighters were worse, but their physical constitution was also very tyrannical, and the two bandits of 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the archer profession who followed his footsteps did not have the powerful strength of Beverlong, and their equipment was poor. After stepping on the frost trap, the frost scroll, which was enhanced by the rain, actually froze the two of them. Under the sudden bombardment of Qige’s magic bullet, the flesh and blood of the body also scattered along with the broken ice.

It turns out that magic skills can be so powerful. I couldn’t help taking a breath 西安桑拿网 of air and glanced at Kurz in amazement. Kurz was also a little dazed and said to himself: “No wonder Grandpa always forces me to learn magic. Magic is really powerful!”

Although Kuz is born with such a powerful human talent as “survival instinct,” he is the seventh son of Kumand, the leader of the Gludin orc trib