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s on my back, but it was uncomfortable for those scabs to stick to my body.

Behind him came the sound of light footsteps, and when I looked back, I found a pair of white jade-like feet walking gently on the rain-filled grass. She wore her long red hair high and walked into the rain wearing only cool clothes and trousers. Her graceful figure was blurred in a faint light. She walked 西安夜生活网 up to me and held me in her arms. , I am too short. The cold face can only be placed on her flat and slightly warm lower abdomen, and my hands can only hold two slender and white thighs like ivory. She is also shivering in the cold rain.

I didn’t expect her to be so courageous, she dared to walk into the rain with such little clothes at night. Just like a sexy stunner, with a unique rhythm every step, the whole body is full of mature 西安夜网论坛 charm. Her body is no longer green, more like a ripe peach, and her skin is so tender that she can tear her fingers. She used her gentle hands to gently remove the soaked and soft crusts on my body, and I clung to her warm embrace. Feel her body temperature heartily.

Catalina silently wiped my back in the rain. At this time, I seemed to look towards the night not far to the right. 西安桑拿网 The smooth water magic shield was there, slightly reflecting the little light in the tent. Sister Guoguo, dressed in white, stood there quietly, looking at us with a smile, and when I saw her, she beckoned and turned to leave.

I think Katerina seems to have something to say, but from the very beginning she bowed her head and said nothing, until at the end she did not highlight a few words. 西安耍耍网Qige’s faint sigh came from the tent, and I think if all this was before I was injured, I would not hear it anyway. I know she has always wanted me to go to the imperial capital with them, but I still want to visit El Town, the Golden Apple Orchard there, and the town.

On such a rainy night, the beast girls of the Raitu tribe are all hiding in the ground, which is a simple hole with a large piece of cowhide on top of the he