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ung orcs, so the young orcs agreed that joining Bernd’s battle team would be more relaxed when fighting.

On the contrary, the orc warriors respect and fear the leader Kalancuo, especially for the younger generation of orcs, the prestige of Kalancuo is much higher than that of the old orc Zewang. This makes these orc 新西安夜网 warriors unable to Let go of your hands and feet.

When grouping this time, the young orc warriors all chose to follow the dwarf Bernd, while the adult orc warriors with some combat experience chose to protect Kalantuo.

Due to my unexpected appearance, Kalancuo’s combat team has been strengthened invisibly.

This time Kalantuo used all the combat power of the entire orc village and participated in this action to destroy the goblin tribe.

There are more than one hundred orcs in the Orc Village. Apart from the elderly and children, there are still some orcs who cannot participate in the war. There are less than 80 orcs who can serve as warriors. Of course, there are still more than a dozen orcs staying in the quarry in the circular valley and guarding hundreds of them. The barbarian slaves, although those 西安夜网论坛 barbarians have not been mutiny for a long time, it is impossible for an orc guard to remain.

So there are only 65 orc warriors who actually entered the underground cave, but in the end there will be 20 warriors guarding the warehouse, altar, and blood pool of demon blood.

So there are only forty-five orc warriors that can be called, and these orc warriors are divided into two groups.

The appearance of Luka the Tauren and I strengthened the strength of the Kalentuo team, so we expanded the orc warriors of the dwarf Bernd combat team to 25 people, while the Kalentuo combat team only had 20 people, and there were also Five female orc warriors.

Outside the grain warehouse, orc warriors lined up. Each person can receive four washbasin-sized baked wheat cakes and ten kilograms of marinated cooked beef. These are the battle rations for the next week, and the goblin bandits are act