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n the upper body to walk. On the battlefield, the black iron armor of these 西安桑拿网 Nakma people only has the upper body.

I visually inspected the approximate size of this armor, and found that this half-length armor is suitable for the barbarian slaves. The only flaw is that it would be perfect if it had a battle skirt composed of armor pieces and shin guards. , I kind of want to go to the second floor to take a closer look.

I couldn’t figure out 西安耍耍网why such well-made black iron armor should be sold here, so I turned my head and asked Alia: “Why did they put these trophies from the plane of Kenda to private auctions. Shouldn’t we take advantage of the news of victory to take the opportunity to make a big publicity and then sell it for a good price at a large auction?”

Alia smiled and said quietly: “Don’t underestimate this kind of private auction. Many noble lords’ private transactions were 西安夜生活论坛 met through these private auctions. Such small-scale private auctions are common in the noble circles of the imperial capital.”

She went on to say to me, “A lot of loot, Everyone chooses this kind of private auction for transactions. There are too many factors involved, and there may be some aspects that are not visible. No one will care about them when they are sold here.”新西安夜网

She raised her head and followed my gaze to look at the armor on the terrace on the second floor. The armor looked like a statue of a half-length god. She gently slapped her tongue and said, “I did not expect the blackness of the Nakma people. The iron armor is so big. I originally thought about whether to use this opportunity of the Kendah plane victory to persuade you to buy some black iron armor, but I didn’t expect the appearance of this black iron armor to be different from what I imagined. It’s too big.”

Alia whispered to me, ” I heard that you are going to buy two or three hundred sets in the morning, and I was shocked. This kind of armor is not suitable for orc warriors. There is no other high-quality leather. Take it. I will