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psed and rotted, and the scene before them appeared. There was almost nothing on this seemingly flat open ground, which was nearly a thousand meters long, except for some huge woods buried in the soil and nearly half rotting and the bones of some wild animals. I can only see the weird woods on the […]


n the upper body to walk. On the battlefield, the black iron armor of these 西安桑拿网 Nakma people only has the upper body. I visually inspected the approximate size of this armor, and found that this half-length armor is suitable for the barbarian slaves. The only flaw is that it would be perfect if it […]


y survive wherever it goes. Sister 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Guo Guo even said that they are more like a group of mentally handicapped Tu Yuan. I think this joke is a bit cold. The entire windmill hills are full of swamp zombies. When Chief Maxine died, the swamp zombies lurking on the edge of the windmill hills […]


lengthy like I am now. I think I should be too late. The bone sickle has reached the top of my head, but the spell is only halfway through. With the advanced “self-healing” talent, there is no way to revive the decapitated person! I think. “Crack!” The sound of bone crushing sounded against my eardrum, […]


ng sighed and repeated what the monk had just told in Russian, and finally said in a low voice, “She won’t live long.” Elena’s breathing became heavy, and one hand already subconsciously held it. Don’t wear the gun in the back waist, but besides the tears that are about to fall, her face also carries […]


if the four sisters want to be together at all times as before, it really depends on chance. Saying goodbye to Valeria, the two of them took the train straight to Smolensk that evening, and it was already the next morning when 西安耍耍网 they arrived. Walking on the streets of Smolensk, looking at the surrounding […]


“Yes.” Farrell nodded, and then said calmly: “But at the same time, you also need to join Leia and receive my training.” Recall that Farrell is always exercising tens of thousands of times. , The ecstasy in Miss Witch’s heart was instantly annihilated, so she fainted on the ground without a black eye. After the […]


rwater city welcomes foreign guests, and it is naturally nonsense. But in the end it turned into this kind of overly polite conversation, which really made the girl feel a little confused, and secretly thought of when she became so easy to talk. “Then, enjoy the rest of the game.” The girl Liu Ge leaned […]


big sister? They are very nice and helped me a lot.” Lei Yaz shook his head, “Although it’s a little mysterious, maybe they can help you find your sisters!” “Really…really?” Helen’s eyes suddenly brightened. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Here, Boss Luo and Miss Maid looked at the little Siren behind Reyaz with a lot of fun, especially Boss […]


tly behind him, and his body suddenly floated. The next moment, Quinn Angel went to the sky as it should be. At this time, the Quinn angel only felt a 西安耍耍网 huge force pulling his leg suddenly, and slammed it back to the ground! It looked at his leg in shock, and found that it […]