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very It’s a matter of burning money, right?” Mrs. Alia murmured: “It’s easy to build a small town, and how much money it costs depends entirely on the resources 西安夜网论坛 around that small town. If everything needs to be shipped from other places, The town is a bottomless pit that sucks gold, and it is […]


ung orcs, so the young orcs agreed that joining Bernd’s battle team would be more relaxed when fighting. On the contrary, the orc warriors respect and fear the leader Kalancuo, especially for the younger generation of orcs, the prestige of Kalancuo is much higher than that of the old orc Zewang. This makes these orc […]


s on my back, but it was uncomfortable for those scabs to stick to my body. Behind him came the sound of light footsteps, and when I looked back, I found a pair of white jade-like feet walking gently on the rain-filled grass. She wore her long red hair high and walked into the rain […]


hts better than anyone else. Of course, let you become Miss Ying’s guard, you have successfully become very good friends, but from the beginning to the end, you have never asked Ying. The young lady is helping you with this matter. The master and the youngest think that you truly regard the young lady as […]


met, and nothing came after him. . “Ka Longqing, please report your current situation! I’m repeating it again, please report your mother’s situation right away!” “The group is gone.” Ka Longqing finally gritted his teeth with a bitter voice, “We found Lamia Silk, but at the same time encountered a terrible woman, she shot it, […]


fe to save Miss, your persistence finally touched the master, so he gave you these reserves. As for me, of course, I will be a staff member of your team. Of course, this will have to wait for you to get better.” “Second instructor “ “I don’t want to use my most cherished friend as […]


you nonsense!!” pointed by Nero That golden person was the one who had uttered angrily at Nero from the very beginning, and was pointed at by Nero violently. This golden lord only felt a chill coming! 新西安夜网 Regardless of whether this matter is true or false, even the eyes of a discerning person You can […]


is head and said: “The air is not good, and if you leave here, Brother Tom will refuse to breathe and will die.” “Old guy, you can give me enough.” Vasco almost gritted his teeth while talking, The majestic sacred power should flow on top of his muscles like steel. “Humph!” Vasco pushed the door […]


to guests in the presidential suite? With this bit of doubt, something that was already certain was suddenly disrupted, and Bengusv slowly exited the room. Before closing the door, he took a quiet look from the crack in the door. I saw this Mr. Dilinsi opening a small book in his hand, and then biting […]


pire!” When Tang Dao successfully pierced Buzzby’s body from behind, David’s breath was successfully held! In the weakest 西安夜生活论坛 time of the opponent ! Before that, David had actually successfully killed a vampire. It was an unprecedented satisfaction. And now, he can kill one again, and he is still the real power in the clan. […]