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mbat effectiveness has been significantly improved. These hundred-man squads are best at fighting guerrilla warfare in the jungle. They have rich combat experience and even dare to ambush the spiderman scout squad with less than five people. They usually don’t fight with a squad of spider warriors with more than five people. When encountering a […]


og, the wood fairy was killed one after another. Deborah determined the position of the ancient war tree from the sky, so no matter where the wood goblins rushed out from that direction or where they flee, they could not stop our army from getting close to the ancient war tree. The closer you are […]


n the upper body to walk. On the battlefield, the black iron armor of these 西安桑拿网 Nakma people only has the upper body. I visually inspected the approximate size of this armor, and found that this half-length armor is suitable for the barbarian slaves. The only flaw is that it would be perfect if it […]


ung orcs, so the young orcs agreed that joining Bernd’s battle team would be more relaxed when fighting. On the contrary, the orc warriors respect and fear the leader Kalancuo, especially for the younger generation of orcs, the prestige of Kalancuo is much higher than that of the old orc Zewang. This makes these orc […]


er Guoguo will take care of me, she is also a noble, and she is also a magician!” I said to him. The two of us chatted casually like this until the smell of fishy heat almost sprayed onto my face, I found a pair of huge yellow pupils staring at me in the dark, […]


y survive wherever it goes. Sister 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Guo Guo even said that they are more like a group of mentally handicapped Tu Yuan. I think this joke is a bit cold. The entire windmill hills are full of swamp zombies. When Chief Maxine died, the swamp zombies lurking on the edge of the windmill hills […]


lengthy like I am now. I think I should be too late. The bone sickle has reached the top of my head, but the spell is only halfway through. With the advanced “self-healing” talent, there is no way to revive the decapitated person! I think. “Crack!” The sound of bone crushing sounded against my eardrum, […]


the container trucks, and waited until the container trucks were full and sealed. , And quietly left along another tunnel. “This used to be the Soviet naval logistics base” Bo Luoshen grams slightly proudly explains, “think how about here? At 西安夜生活网 least better than your tall radar station to be bad, right?” “Far more than […]


probably the most terrifying person I have ever met in my life.” “That’s right.” Boss Luo nodded. nod. Master Karen was startled, and said in amazement: “What’s right?” Luo Qiu didn’t say a word, raised his head, “Mr. Kukai is back.” Sure enough, above, Kukai was swinging 西安耍耍网 his legs, quickly sinking down quickly. He […]


met, and nothing came after him. . “Ka Longqing, please report your current situation! I’m repeating it again, please report your mother’s situation right away!” “The group is gone.” Ka Longqing finally gritted his teeth with a bitter voice, “We found Lamia Silk, but at the same time encountered a terrible woman, she shot it, […]